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Pure water equipment
Drainage equipment
Reclaimed water recycling equipment
Norm commodity
Maintenance and after-sale services

Kurita can perform comprehensive management on running, maintenance of existing water treatment devices.

Implement low-cost running and new discharge policy and rules.
Respond to water treatment technology and talent training.

■Comprehensive running management

Provide following maintenance services. Comprehensive proposals depend on your company’s actual conditions.
24-hour running management service
Appoint most suitable professionals to achieve stable running.
Lower running cost
Check running status of existing devices to optimize them and reduce running costs.
Verify and replace used chemicals and dosing quantity, reduce running costs.
Verify water, power and vapor overall consumption, reduce running costs.
Provide consumable devices and chemicals
Provide consumable devices and materials as per scheduled maintenance system.
Check water quality
Confirm quality via regular water quality checks.
Respond to equipment malfunction and abnormality
Kurita owns professional maintenance teams who can reach site rapidly to solve equipment malfunctions and abnormal problems.
Respond to lower running cost, stable running and new discharge policy and rules by comprehensive services to running management.
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