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Pure water equipment
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Reclaimed water recycling equipment
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  Reclaimed water recycling equipment
Reclaimed water recycling equipment

Further dispose of treated wastewater, reuse it as production water.
Design most suitable pre-treatment equipment, RO flow and RO chemicals.
Can perform design, construction and running management by water quality survey and analysis.
Can improve and update existing reclaimed water recycling equipment which runs in poor efficiency.

■Semiconductor ·LCD industry

Design high-efficiency wastewater equipment disposing of organic wastewater and inorganic wastewater. respectively
Organic wastewater can be removed effectively by carrier organisms, while high concentration of sludge can achieve small-sized compact devices.
Microscale SS, micro particles contained in wastewater can be effectively pre-treated by flocculation operation and floating operation.
Prevent biological pollution and blockage of RO membrane.
■Steel·Petrol·Automobiles·Electric Power industries

Can design reclaimed water recycling equipment suitable for all industries, effectively treat concentrated water produced by RO in strict accordance with discharge rules.
Effective recycling of wastewater heat and emitted heat can improve vapor consumption of whole site.
Provide most suitable equipment by utilizing Kurita’s pure water, wastewater and chemicals technologies.
Prevent biological pollution and blockage of RO membrane, demonstrate an effect of keeping away from RO surface biological membrane.
Decompose all ions (Ca, F, B, Sr, SiO2, SO4, etc.) contained in wastewater, and provide most suitable scale inhibitor.
Multi-section fluid-bed activated carbon may effectively remove COD and prevent blockage of RO membrane.
Effectively produce OH free radicals, compulsorily decompose and remove COD, reduce great quantity of sludge production via efficient reaction.
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