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  Improvement cases
  Improvement cases
  Improvement cases
■ COD discharge improvement method
Continuous activated carbon COD improvement
In case that COD exceeds discharge rules, use continuous activated carbon device after post-treatment to reduce COD from 150ppm to 100ppm.
■ Improve discharged water quality of high-concentration Ni wastewater
Evaporation dehydrator Better Ni treatment water quality
Ni treatment limit lies at 0.1ppm approximately, yet common treatment method cannot reach below 1ppm.
Use of evaporation dehydrator and vacuum evaporation can reach discharge limit and greatly reduce chemicals consumption and sludge production.
■ Better oil-containing sludge dehydration in oil-containing wastewater treatment
Multiple round-disc dehydrator Better dehydration
Belt-type dehydrator can dehydrate sludge, yet oil will stain filter fabric, cause blockage and dehydration failure.
Use of multiple round-disc dehydrator prevents blockage, improves dehydration efficiency, and is also suitable for organic sludge as well as high-viscosity sludge.
■ Less RO membrane blockage in reclaimed water recycling
RO equipment Less RO membrane blockage
When recycling reclaimed water, RO membrane is more likely blocked and reclaimed water devices cannot run stably.
Use of RO chemical FR110 may inhibit RO membrane blockage and enable equipment to run stably.
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